What times are you available?

This is my full-time business and you have my full attention! I have a number of slots filled with international students, but I am generally available between 10am GMT and 8pm GMT, with some time set aside for planning, assessment and admin. The best way to find out when I am available is to get in touch.

How do you structure your individual lessons?

If you choose individual tuition for your child then that really is up to you. Bespoke tuition can either be one hour spent with your child(ren) or 45 minutes tuition and 15 minutes of feedback. With block bookings I am happy to change this arrangement with at least 48 hours notice. Just let me know your preferences in your family consultation meeting. Group lessons are planned with a particular topic or learning outcome in mind, although there is a high level of student interaction and my lessons are responsive to their needs. With both levels of tuition, children are able to interact with annotation, the chat box, live conversation and questioning. Children will also be set tasks to complete within the lesson, which may be onscreen, into a home workbook, or using a downloadable, printable worksheet.

Do you offer 11+ / Common Entrance exams tuition?

Yes. I offer group courses and individual tuition for both GL assessment and CEM test papers.

Do you offer tuition for Key Stage 2 SATs?

Yes. This is available as group tuition or as individual tuition.

Do you offer tuition at home?

No. I've found that online tuition has lots of benefits: consistency, efficiency and great online support through my virtual learning environment too.

Is tutoring one to one, with a group, or virtual through a resource area?

I offer both one to one and group tuition. I am currently resourcing an area for independent home study. If you'd like to know just when that's going to launch please sign up for my newsletter.

What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

English, maths, SPaG (spelling and grammar) and all the specific requirements of the 11+ exam: non-verbal reasoning, verbal reasoning and sometimes creative writing.

What can my child expect from your tuition?

Appointments are held over Zoom and will support your child in accelerated learning in the agreed subject(s). Lessons will be used to ensure a robust foundation, review homework, build study habits or simply just get ahead of the curve. Your child's needs will be agreed in our initial consultation. Group tuition is generally goal oriented and follow a prescriptive set of lessons. Where extra support is needed in group tuition, children will be given homework to match their needs, or can be offered a top-up session to support their learning.

Cost & Finance

What are the payment terms?

I expect payment at least 48 hours before a booked tuition session. For individual tuition, once we have agreed a schedule, I expect at least two week's payments up front. For termly tuition I offer monthly payment plans too. I accept payments through PayPal, BACS and major credit and debit cards.

What do your services cost?

My pricing starts from £20 per lesson. Individual tuition is £30 per lesson. I offer longer term payment plans with regular monthly subscriptions and also shorter courses at a variety of price points. For the best answer to this question, please take a look at the Tuition page on my website.

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

Yes. I offer payment plans for bookings of 3 months or longer. These can include pre-negotiated holiday breaks, so that you have the peace of mind of a regular, fixed payment and clarity of tuition appointments.


I need to cancel a lesson. What should I do?

Unfortunate events do arise, and as much as I can, I will try to accommodate your child if they are unable to attend a session. Please be aware that I am unable to guarantee this accommodation, and as a small business, am unable to refund any pre-booked sessions. If you are aware of upcoming family holidays, please let me know in advance. I do also offer school term individual tuition, but as schools across the country tend to have their own holidays I am only able to accomodate this within 3 monthly or longer packages.

Homework & Support

How do I monitor my child's sessions?

Sessions are regularly updated through my Virtual Learning Platform. Homework, further tasks and learning journals are also available through the platform. Parents are given their own login for the platform and can access any of their children's work, including their to-do lists. You can explore this further on the VLE page of my website.

Do you provide assessment?

Yes. Some virtual, timed tests will be available to clients with a subscription package of 3 months or more.


Who are the tutors?

I am a private, independent tutor and will be the only person that your child will have contact with. I am a qualified teacher with 17 years of experience, fully DBS checked, insured, and a member of The Tutors' Association.

What is your customer satisfaction rate?

I'm proud to say that in a recent survey, 100% of respondents were pleased with the service that I provide.

Are you a member of The Tutors' Association?

Yes, and you can find out more by following this link:

Getting Started

How do I make a booking?

For your convenience I have a number of ways you can book. For individual tuition, you can call, email or book a free family consultation online as your first step. For group tuition, you can book directly through my website. I'm happy to take a call to discuss too if you are not sure but curious. Prior to all lessons, I hold a family consultation session to get to know your child and what you would like to gain from tuition.

How do I know tutoring will help my child?

I offer a free family consultation prior to working with your child. At times, I may not be the right tutor to support them. If this is the case, I am happy to refer you to a tutor who may be a better fit.

What is involved in the free family consultation?

I set up a 45 minute Zoom call to get to know your family, your child and your aims from tuition. My consultation will help me understand their academic situation including learning style, missing or weak foundations, ability to organise and available workspace. This should prepare us to establish goals and expections so that we can really get the most from tuition for your child.

Will I get the same tutor every time?

Yes. As an independent private tutor, your child will always be supported solely by myself.


How do you keep my child safe online?

My lessons are conducted via the Zoom platform. I use a waiting room for all attendees, which means I control who I allow to join the meeting. In group teaching sessions, I maintain control over chat, mute and camera features for all participants and have the ability to deactivate these functions from individual participants to maintain safety at all times. For your peace of mind, I also record each session and make these available to you following the lesson. I have a private teaching room where I conduct my online lessons without disturbance. I hold a full Disclosure and Barring Service check and am happy for you to reference this online prior to our sessions starting. I am trained in E-Safety, and only use websites and resources from reputable companies. I hold UK Qualified Teacher Status and am trained to use age-appropriate language and subject material. I teach a secular curriculum and hold non-discriminatory personal views. Where and if I do need to broach religion, sexual orientation or race within a lesson or group, I teach tolerance and acceptance of all people. I maintain regular contact with you, the parent, and relay any concerns that I have about your child directly and discretely to you.

Are you DBS checked?

Yes. I hold a full DBS which is kept up to date. I also hold current Safeguarding certificates, am insured, and am a member of The Tutors' Association and bound by their code of conduct.

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