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 Grammar Schools in Greater London

Get To Know The Schools

There is a lot of competition for the grammar schools in Greater Manchester. With up to 6 students applying for each place on offer it's crucial to make sure that you are on top of the admission process.  Of course, with everything being a 'new normal' in 2021, you should keep an eye on dates for open days, application dates and 11+ exam dates as many of the schools have changed their arrangements this year. 

Grammar schools in Greater Manchester use a range of 11 plus exam papers, using either the CEM test or GL assessment. The majority of local schools set papers through CEM and test Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. Altrincham Grammar School for Boys and St Ambrose College both set an additional Creative Writing Paper. With any of the exam structures, a robust vocabulary, an ability to reason and a solid base in maths is vital.

Preparation for the Eleven Plus

If you are considering putting your child forward to the 11+ exam for grammar school admission it is worth visiting a range of both grammar and non-grammar schools to get a feel for each of them. Their values and ethos can vary considerably, from the way that they structure year groups and forms, to the subjects available for study.

With competition for grammar schools continually high, it's advisable not to make one school the ultimate choice; rather have a couple of alternatives with which you are happy.The eleven plus exam process can feel incredibly pressured for our children and a range of choice can ease this pressure somewhat.

It is entirely possible to pass the eleven plus in a DIY fashion with a range of books and online resources. Many parents take the route of tuition for their child. If you are considering this route please take a look at my small group online courses, designed specifically to build the skills needed from Year 4 onwards.